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What if I were to tell you…

A blog post was sent to me by my Pastor in reply to something I said to him…. this blog struck me and I wanted to share….. Below are excerpts from “David Lose” ( fyi: the full blog can be found at It is beautifully written by David to fellow pastors but I think and STRONGLY believe it applies to all of us…..


“What if I were to tell you…

…that what you do this week could change the world?

Would you believe me? Imagine it so? Smile politely but secretly scoff?

Let’s broaden the question. What if we were to tell people this Sunday — from the pulpit — that what they do this week will change the world? Would they believe us or doubt? Stand taller with hope or soon think of something else? We’ll never know, of course, unless we try.

Our actions are inter-connected, creating an unforeseen butterfly effect that can ripple across time and space to affect the lives of millions.

The things we do this week — our actions, decisions, choices — will, in fact, ripple out with consequences foreseen and unforeseen, for good or for ill, for the health or damage of the world. That question isn’t whether, but what…what will we do this week to make a difference in the world. Some of these actions may be big, bold, and courageous. Others may be small, hardly noticeable. And yet they all have the potential to ripple out, affecting countless lives. Who knows whom it will be today, this week, this year. The Apostle Paul, in the second reading, says that we all are members of the body of Christ, each with different gifts, yet all one in faith and with the same potential for God to use us to change the world.

My hope, Working Preacher, is that you will preach a sermon telling your people the same, and that because of that small and valiant gesture the world will change for the better.

Yours in Christ,



Now that is some pretty solid stuff. Not just for Pastors but for all. Have you ever thought of it? Something large or small you do or say and how it ‘ripples’ outward to change the lives of people for the good or ill….. I see this each and every day in what we do here in Guatemala. A kind word, bringing some hope, planting some seeds….. all these things ripple outward for the good of the people as a whole and I like to believe these small actions will continue to ripple for generations to come!

We have a plan in place… The Community Empowerment Program and it has not only the potential but the ability to ripple outward to effect countless lives here for the better. This program involves facets of government here, the people themselves being accountable and sustainable, and YOU. Basically it is in essence a sponsorship program that, for around the cost of 1 coffee a day in North America, can change lives for generations. One coffee a day…. thats all it takes to change lives…. imagine the possibilities.

There is a major drought here right now…. every week we get word of someone who has given up hope and taken their own life due to the fact that they were overcome by the hopelessness of a lost crop. The Government has declared a state of emergency here. Sadly every organization we have contacted for help in this country has refused stating, “We know that Jutiapa is one of the hardest hit but Im sorry we don’t work there”…. Our region is not trendy. Our work is down and dirty… It can be quite boring at times… tedious planting, digging, meetings…. etc etc… . The civil war taught the Mayans to hide in our region…. thus they do not dress in the traditional garb that tourists love so much… there is no tourism… there is no ‘draw’ for mission teams to visit here unless they want to simply work and do very little ‘tourism’. Its a sad reality in the mission world that most teams want to go where they can see some nice things and some tourism type stuff. We don’t have that…. So we remain the forgotten land of the starving. One of the poorest areas in all of Guatemala. No wildlife to observe, they have eaten it all…. no pretty colourful dresses on the ladies. Just poverty…. just the ability to flutter your butterfly wings and silently affect lives for the better without all the bells and whistles…..

So, please search your heart…. realize that YOU and your actions have the ability to change lives…. give up one coffee a day and sponsor a family. A new family each and every month! Give the gift of life and a future to those that have none….

Below is a one page brief summary of the Community Empowerment Program… if you want the full document we have that available as well and I can send it to you if you email me at   Suffice it to say that in the USA a monthly gift of $67.00, in Canada $80.00 is all it takes to change lives… Please consider a monthly sponsorship to “adopt” one different family each and every  month OR a one time gift to ‘adopt’ one family.  Whatever you can afford…. it all helps so much!  It all ripples and changes lives….

Countless lives…. for generations to come. Breathing hope and life into the lives of those who have nothing simply by the flutter of your beautiful wings….. Isn’t that worth giving up a coffee a day? BE THE CHANGE, flutter your wings and begin your butterfly effect here:





After seeing so many successes in our Village Empowerment Program test village of Salitrillo we feel its time to move forward. We have  initiated a program, in conjunction with local municipalities, the Department of Education, local villages and their leaders, NGO’s, and ourselves to empower other villages to dig themselves out of poverty, malnutrition, and health issues. This is a multi-­‐faceted program which provides people with immediate economic recovery, clean bacteria free water, better health and nutrition, and sustainability through education and economics.

This program will provide, to families, all of the following:

-­‐ Solar lights/phone chargers ; battery lasts 5 years

-­‐ Sawyer water filtration systems ; life span of filter is 10 years

-­‐ Nutritious plants and trees ; life time of nutrition and economic recovery

-­‐ Education seminars ; ongoing for many years

The total cost for this program is $160 USD per family . The municipalities have agreed to cover $53 US.  The people, themselves, will be paying $40 US keeping them accountable and providing a hand up NOT a hand out.  This leaves $67 US, which is where people and organizations such as you come in!  For less than people currently pay for only 2 months of sponsoring individual children, you have the AMAZING opportunity of sponsoring an ENTIRE family, but not just for the 2 months, rather their ENTIRE life, and the children after their parents!!

Chia & Pigeon Pea seeds provide much needed nutritional benefits to help save lives!

Chia & Pigeon Pea seeds provide much needed nutritional benefits to help save lives!

In 3 months Don Viviano has been able to buy food and help send his daughter to school with what he has saved on candles and phone charging!

In 3 months Don Viviano has been able to buy food and help send his daughter to school with what he has saved on candles and phone charging!

Water filtration systems that provide clean water for 10 years!

Water filtration systems that provide clean water for 10 years!

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