A Quick Note….

Greetings everyone.  I am a bit behind on everything… blogging…. emails… facebook…. Life sure is busy here in Guatemala.  So, I wanted to drop a quick note to say hello, things are great here,  just really busy.  I also wanted to say…. If you haven’t already,  please check out our youtube channel.    http://www.youtube.com/doppenbergrita 

Our good friend, Dave Tebbutt arrived here 4 weeks ago and has been documenting a video blog once a week so everyone can see who we are, what we are up to and where the money goes.   This past week (Week 4 for Dave, week 8 for us) was our best week so far so if you can only check out one video this week please make it Week 4.   Dave is an amazing videographer and he has done great work!!!   Thanks Dave!   Enjoy the videos everyone, and stay tuned because there are more weeks on the way.

Anyway…. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog…. thanks for taking the time…. thanks for the kind words…  thanks for the encouragement….thanks for everything!   It truly means so much to me….

Dios les Bendiga…. (God bless you all)…    Rita, Geoff, Zack, Luke, Gabe and everyone here in Guatemala!

About ritadoppenberg

I am a wife, mom, missionary.... generally a human being who along with God, my family, friends and Commission to Every Nation (CTEN) Canada, seek to "Be The Change"...

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  1. Hey to you too!!
    If you are too busy to write it means tons of stuff is happening, which is great news!
    Keep it up 😉

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